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Our original research into the AI market, influential companies, and key products. We aim to find signal in the noise, giving our readers a clear picture of today and an understanding of what might be possible in the future.

Our Research
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The Future of (Generative AI) Search

Explore the future of search with generative AI. Discover how Apple Intelligence, context-based understanding, intent-driven interactions, and integrated workflows are transforming search. Learn about the trust challenges and the critical balance needed for reliable, AI-powered search experiences.

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Helen's Books of the Week

As meta-researchers, we consume ideas and research from a variety of sources. Books, in particular, are an important source. And Helen reads a lot of them. Each week she profiles one book in our newsletter—and this is the the full list.

An abstract image of a gantt chart to illustrate reasoning and plannin

Can LLMs reason and plan?

LLMs are great at coming up with approximate knowledge and ideas for potential plans. But to actually use those ideas, you need to pair the LLM with external programs that can rigorously check the plans for errors. The key is to use them as part of a bigger system.

The Agentic AI (aka AI Agents) Report

The Agentic AI (aka AI Agents) Report

Recent developments in AI have given rise to a new class of systems known as agentic AI. These systems are characterized by their ability to perceive, reason, and act with varying levels of complexity, extending human capabilities in unprecedented ways.

The State of AI Report: Q224

The State of AI Report: Q224

What’s happening in the world of generative AI and what you can do about it. Our report covers current confusion, status, anxiety, and AI in the wild. And we include a self-assessment for organizational benchmarking.

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What Apple's Research Suggests About Its Strategy

Explore Apple's AI research strategy, focusing on privacy, efficiency, and seamless user experiences. Discover advancements in context understanding, model compression, multimodal interactions, and reference resolution that could revolutionize Siri and AI-driven features across Apple's ecosystem.

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