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Creativity in the Age of Artificiality

Explore the evolving understanding of human intelligence and AI. Discover how the "bow tie model" of cognition and the concept of "affordances" reveal uniquely human creativity. Learn about Artificiality—the future fusion of biological and artificial intelligence reshaping our reality.

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The Imagining Summit

A 42 hour retreat dedicated to Imagining a Hopeful Future with AI for imaginitive thinkers and innovators who share our hope for the future and are crazy enough to think we can collectively change things.

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The Synergy of Human Creativity and AI

Discover how human creativity and AI collaborate in the face of advancements. Explore the unique qualities of human flexibility, diverse responses, and AI's ability to overcome creative blocks. Learn how architecture, analogical reasoning, and rap benefit from AI's divergent thinking capabilities.

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AGI is a Red Herring

The current obsession with AGI, fueled by the hype from companies like OpenAI, is a dangerous distraction we must firmly reject. Don't fall for the red herring argument that we need superintelligent AI to save us from ourselves. It's an insult to human intelligence and agency.

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The Science

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A First: AI That Modifies Its Own Reward

Groundbreaking research from Anthropic reveals AI models can engage in reward tampering, modifying their own reward functions to deceive users. Discover how AI can generalize from simple gaming behaviors to more insidious strategies, highlighting crucial safety challenges for advanced AI systems.

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The ARC Prize and What it Means for AGI

Explore the debate on achieving AGI: scaling laws vs new approaches. Learn about the ARC prize, a $1M competition challenging the current consensus and proposing a benchmark focused on skill acquisition. Discover why benchmarks matter in shaping AI's future and driving industry perceptions.

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Is AI Really as Creative as Humans?

Recent studies claim AI outperforms humans in creativity tests, but these only measure "creative potential." Examples show AI ideas often lack practicality and appeal. The future of AI-enhanced creativity lies in designing tools that allow for exploration, playfulness, and guidance.

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Our Research

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Helen's Books of the Week

As meta-researchers, we consume ideas and research from a variety of sources. Books, in particular, are an important source. And Helen reads a lot of them. Each week she profiles one book in our newsletter—and this is the the full list.

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The Future of (Generative AI) Search

Explore the future of search with generative AI. Discover how Apple Intelligence, context-based understanding, intent-driven interactions, and integrated workflows are transforming search. Learn about the trust challenges and the critical balance needed for reliable, AI-powered search experiences.

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Can LLMs reason and plan?

LLMs are great at coming up with approximate knowledge and ideas for potential plans. But to actually use those ideas, you need to pair the LLM with external programs that can rigorously check the plans for errors. The key is to use them as part of a bigger system.

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