The Agentic AI (aka AI Agents) Report

The Agentic AI (aka AI Agents) Report

Recent developments in AI have given rise to a new class of systems known as agentic AI. These systems are characterized by their ability to perceive, reason, and act with varying levels of complexity, extending human capabilities in unprecedented ways.

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The Agentic Web

Artificial intelligence will never understand why I found it important to write this piece today. Why and how I hope I can connect with readers through it. Because only you, my fellow humans, can have similar experiences.

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Is AI the "Cure for Male Loneliness"?

While considering the potential risks and implications of OpenAI releasing an AI voice that appears designed to draw people in, I found an interesting r/artificialinteligence Reddit thread of people sharing their preference for talking with AI over other humans.

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AI and Accountability

I believe that accountability becomes more pronounced in the era of AI. While the accountability dynamics between humans and machines may differ, humans will invariably assert that if someone had access to such advanced AI capabilities, they had the means to make more informed decisions.

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Co-Agency with AI and the Paradox of Autonomy

In the era of generative AI, characterized by seamless co-creation and the economics of intimacy, worries about AI encroaching on agency have more existential elements. They go to the essence of humanity, as machines now actively participate in significant aspects of original thought.

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The State of AI Report: Q224

The State of AI Report: Q224

What’s happening in the world of generative AI and what you can do about it. Our report covers current confusion, status, anxiety, and AI in the wild. And we include a self-assessment for organizational benchmarking.

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