The Imagining Summit

The Imagining Summit will gather a creative, diverse group of imaginative thinkers and innovators who share our hope for the future with AI and are crazy enough to think we can collectively change things.

The Artificiality Imagining Summit: Imagining a Hopeful Future with AI

Join us on October 12-14, 2024 in Bend, Oregon for a 42 hour retreat dedicated to Imagining a Hopeful Future with AI, presented in partnership with the Bend Entrepreneur Lab and The Haven.

At the Imagining Summit, we aim for productive imagination—the process of envisioning possibilities that extend beyond our current experience. Through creative exploration and collaborative discussion, we seek to shift perspectives and imagine a path to a hopeful future with AI.

Together, we will craft a new vision and design philosophy for human-machine collaboration—in which AI serves as a Mind for our Minds, amplifying humanity's creativity, culture, knowledge, trust, values, fun, play, and understanding of the world. We will synthesize this work into a collectively authored report shared after the Summit, with the hope of catalyzing change.

We acknowledge the profound, even existential, risks presented by adopting AI. We reject the utopian AI rhetoric, fear Big Tech's fantasy to make machines that replace us, and worry about the impact of the unthinking AI hypesters and influencers. While we believe it is important to reveal and address these problems and challenges, we also believe it is important to imagine a future which surpasses the negative.

The Imagining Summit provides an opportunity to set aside the current hype and future fears to imagine a future we can hope for. Because if we can imagine it, we have a shot at creating it. 

The Imagining Summit will feature a series of conversations and collaborative sessions about topics like creativity, expertise, fun, knowledge, spatial reasoning, trust, and values. These conversations will be led by some of our favorite minds, including Jonathan Coulton, Adam Cutler, Katie Davis, Jamer Hunt, Josh Lovejoy, Don Norman, Steven Sloman, and Barbara Tversky. These conversation catalyzers will bring rich and thought-provoking ideas to help lead all collaborators in an exploration of the possible. 

Learn more about our conversation catalyzers here.

We look forward to bringing together a creative, diverse group of imaginative thinkers and innovators who share our hope for the future and are crazy enough to think we can collectively change things. 

We’re excited to welcome our community in person. And we highly encourage you to extend your stay to enjoy beautiful Bend, Oregon. 


  • Due to limited space, The Imagining Summit will be invite-only event. If you have not yet received an invitation, please submit your interest below and we'll be in touch.
  • Location: The Haven in Bend, Oregon
  • Opening at 5pm Saturday October 12. Closing at 11am Monday October 14.
  • Attendee Fee: $1,000.
  • Limited scholarships are available. Please email us if your budget doesn't meet the fee.
  • Patron Fee: $2,500. We welcome support from our patrons and will celebrate their contributions at the Summit. All patrons will be guaranteed an invite to future Imagining Summits.
  • Corporate sponsorships are also welcome and will help extend our reach and include more people. Please email us at for more information.

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