About Artificiality

Artificiality unravels AI's impact on society through research, advisory services, and education. We aim to extend human minds and ensure AI enhances humanity. Discover nuanced insights and strategies for meaningful human-machine collaboration.

Extending Minds Beyond

Artificiality is dedicated to unraveling AI's impact on individuals, organizations, and society, blending expertise in fields ranging from cognitive science and complexity theory to philosophy and design. As artificial philosophers and meta-researchers, we aim to make the philosophical more practical and the practical more philosophical. Our hope is to extend human minds beyond our current experience through the collective intelligence of humans and machines.

We don’t endorse the utopian AI rhetoric. Yes, we believe that AI may have a positive impact on humanity. But our excitement is balanced by our fear of Big Tech’s fantasy to make machines that can replace us. We strive to slow the frantic pace of debates around AI, down-regulating the noise so you can see stories in context. We push and pull on the assumptions that drive hype about the adoption of AI. And we ask questions about how AI changes knowledge, truth, belief, creativity, meaning, authenticity, and the overall human experience.

At Artificiality, we believe in a new vision for human-machine collaboration in which AI serves as a Mind for our Minds, amplifying our creativity, agency, and wisdom. As AI systems emerge with the capability to perceive, reason, and act on their own, we must approach their development with a deep understanding of the human experience. Our mission is to ensure that as we give machines more agency, we design AI minds to work for our human minds, enhancing our humanity rather than diminishing it.

To further our mission, we offer a range of services and resources. Our research publication cuts through the AI hype cycle, offering nuanced insights that dig deep into the current state and future possibilities of human-machine collaboration. We discuss the science of humans and machines in plain English. And we share aspirational ideas along with, at times, uncomfortably honest perspectives on AI's limitations and the scenarios that should concern humanity.

Our strategic advisory services help organizations amplify their competitiveness by providing thought leadership, frameworks, and best practices that challenge mainstream narratives. We offer change management programs to guide organizations through AI-driven complexity, embracing the uncertainties and emergent behaviors inherent in human-machine systems. And our educational programs empower workforces to collaborate with AI systems in ways that remain meaningfully human.

Join us on this wayfinding journey through the complexity of minds meeting machines. Subscribe, explore our services, or contact us to learn more about how we can help you collaborate effectively with AI. With careful consideration and a dash of creativity, the future may be human-centered yet.

Who We Are

Helen and Dave Edwards, Co-Founders, Artificiality

Helen and Dave Edwards are a husband-and-wife team of technology executives and AI pioneers who founded Artificiality. Their expertise blends insights from fields as diverse as cognitive science, complexity theory, philosophy, and design, which they have applied in the AI space since 2012. In 2017, they sold their first AI market research firm, Intelligentsia.ai, to Atlantic Media, continuing their work at Atlantic Media’s subsidiary Quartz.  

At Artificiality, Helen combines decades of experience innovating across major industries with a superpower for identifying the next emergent scientific breakthrough that will impact our complex world of humans and machines. She previously co-founded Intelligentsia.ai (which Atlantic Media acquired) and worked at Fonterra, Meridian Energy, Pacific Gas & Electric, Quartz, and Transpower NZ.

At Artificiality, Dave combines decades of experience distilling and advancing big technology trends with a superpower for understanding how technology, design, and capital will shape our future. He previously co-founded Intelligentsia.ai (which Atlantic Media acquired) and worked at Apple, CRV, Macromedia, Morgan Stanley, Quartz, and ThinkEquity.

Helen and Dave are co-authors of Make Better Decisions: How to Improve Your Decision-Making in the Digital Age and the upcoming Mind for our Minds: A Human-Centered Design Philosophy for AI and Amplify: A Guide to the Complexity of Human-Machine Collaboration

Helen Edwards

Helen Edwards is a Co-Founder of Artificiality. She previously co-founded Intelligentsia.ai (acquired by Atlantic Media) and worked at Meridian Energy, Pacific Gas & Electric, Quartz, and Transpower.

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Dave Edwards

Dave Edwards is a Co-Founder of Artificiality. He previously co-founded Intelligentsia.ai (acquired by Atlantic Media) and worked at Apple, CRV, Macromedia, Morgan Stanley, and Quartz.

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