Dave Edwards

Dave Edwards

Dave Edwards is a Co-Founder of Artificiality. He previously co-founded Intelligentsia.ai (acquired by Atlantic Media) and worked at Apple, CRV, Macromedia, Morgan Stanley, and Quartz.

191 articles
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The Future of (Generative AI) Search

Explore the future of search with generative AI. Discover how Apple Intelligence, context-based understanding, intent-driven interactions, and integrated workflows are transforming search. Learn about the trust challenges and the critical balance needed for reliable, AI-powered search experiences.

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The Imagining Summit

A 42 hour retreat dedicated to Imagining a Hopeful Future with AI for imaginitive thinkers and innovators who share our hope for the future and are crazy enough to think we can collectively change things.

The Agentic AI (aka AI Agents) Report

The Agentic AI (aka AI Agents) Report

Recent developments in AI have given rise to a new class of systems known as agentic AI. These systems are characterized by their ability to perceive, reason, and act with varying levels of complexity, extending human capabilities in unprecedented ways.

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The Agentic Web

Artificial intelligence will never understand why I found it important to write this piece today. Why and how I hope I can connect with readers through it. Because only you, my fellow humans, can have similar experiences.

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