Dave Edwards

Dave Edwards

Dave Edwards is a Co-Founder of Artificiality. He previously co-founded Intelligentsia.ai (acquired by Atlantic Media) and worked at Apple, CRV, Macromedia, Morgan Stanley, and Quartz.

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An abstract image of a lonely person

Is AI the "Cure for Male Loneliness"?

While considering the potential risks and implications of OpenAI releasing an AI voice that appears designed to draw people in, I found an interesting r/artificialinteligence Reddit thread of people sharing their preference for talking with AI over other humans.

The State of AI Report: Q224

The State of AI Report: Q224

What’s happening in the world of generative AI and what you can do about it. Our report covers current confusion, status, anxiety, and AI in the wild. And we include a self-assessment for organizational benchmarking.

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