Karaitiana Taiuru: Indigenous AI

An interview with Māori Data Sovereignty expert, Karaitiana Taiuru about indigenous peoples and AI.

Karaitiana Taiuru: Indigenous AI

We’re excited to welcome to the podcast Karaitiana Taiuru. Dr Taiuru is a leading authority and a highly accomplished visionary Māori technology ethicist specialising in Māori rights with AI, Māori Data Sovereignty and Governance with emerging digital technologies and biological sciences.

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Karaitiana has been a champion for Māori cultural and intellectual property rights in the digital space since the late 1990s. With the recent emergence of AI into the mainstream, Karaitiana sees both opportunities and risks for indigenous peoples like the Māori. He believes AI can either be a tool for further colonization and cultural appropriation, or it can be harnessed to empower and revitalize indigenous languages, knowledge, and communities.

In our conversation, Karaitiana shares his vision for incorporating Maori culture, values and knowledge into the development of AI technologies in a way that respects data sovereignty. We explore the importance of Māori representation in the tech sector, the role of AI in language and cultural preservation, and how indigenous peoples around the world can collaborate to shape the future of AI. Karaitiana offers a truly unique and thought-provoking perspective that I believe is crucial as we grapple with the societal implications of artificial intelligence. I learned a tremendous amount from our conversation and I'm sure you will too.

Let’s dive into our conversation with Karaitiana Taiuru.

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