The Science

Our meta-research across disciplines: behavioral economics, cognitive science, complexity science, computer science, decision science, design, neuroscience, philosophy, and psychology. Science is changing because boundaries between disciplines are dissolving. Our research dissects the latest books and papers. Highly curated, an antidote to information overload.

The Science
47 articles
Reward-Free Curricula for Training Robust World Models

Agentic AI and Self-Driven Exploration

New research on developing AI that builds robust world models shows an AI's ability to seek out surprise, motivation, and novelty, enabling it to navigate and understand the complexities of the world through self-driven exploration rather than just following predetermined reward pathways.

Research paper on RAG vs fine-tuning

Why RAG Beats Fine-tuning AI

Enterprises face a critical choice in their generative AI adoption strategy: fine-tuning or Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG)? While fine-tuning has been the go-to approach for early adopters, a new study suggests that RAG may be the more powerful and sustainable path forward.

Research review of the paper LLM Augmented LLM

AIs That Understand Other AIs

By enabling different AI models to 'speak' to each other and combine their strengths, CALM opens up new possibilities for solving complex problems across various domains and tackling tasks with expertise and precision, in a data and compute efficient way.

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