An abstract image of sense making

Sensemaking & AI

Sensemaking is going to change. AI will allow us to find story-less, a-narrative yet meaningful correlations. Our minds will have to be open to a new kind of awe: that which a machine can make sense of that we cannot.

Mind for Our Minds

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The Scientific Revolution

An abstract image of a splatter of pixels

Eye on Apple

Apple researchers recently published a paper describing a new architecture for vision models. The paper's unique approach to vision modeling hints at Apple's likely strategic imperative towards heavily integrating vision models in spatial computing environments.

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Emerging Complexity

Hybrid Intelligence

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Machine Employees

More Machine Employees

Reimagining Creativity

Person picking lightbulbs from a tree

Creativity & AI

We extend our Mind for our Minds series with an exploration of the relationship between creativity and generative AI. We wonder how AI can enhance human creativity and dig into different types of creativity.

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Capital Capture

More Capital Capture

The Intimacy Economy

Values at Scale

More Values at Scale

Generative Decision Making

More Generative Decision Making

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