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Helen's Books of the Week

As meta-researchers, we consume ideas and research from a variety of sources. Books, in particular, are an important source. And Helen reads a lot of them. Each week she profiles one book in our newsletter—and this is the the full list.

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Creativity in the Age of Artificiality

Explore the evolving understanding of human intelligence and AI. Discover how the "bow tie model" of cognition and the concept of "affordances" reveal uniquely human creativity. Learn about Artificiality—the future fusion of biological and artificial intelligence reshaping our reality.

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A First: AI That Modifies Its Own Reward

Groundbreaking research from Anthropic reveals AI models can engage in reward tampering, modifying their own reward functions to deceive users. Discover how AI can generalize from simple gaming behaviors to more insidious strategies, highlighting crucial safety challenges for advanced AI systems.

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