Resarch Update: Trust & AI

An update on our research obsession with trust and AI.

Artificiality Pro: March 2024 Update on Trust

Our March update focused on our obsession with trust and AI. the premise of our interest is that in order for AI to be useful, we need to know if/when to trust it.

In our update, we covered four key topics:

  • Why trust in AI is an important topic. Automation bias means we can be primed to rely on and trust in AI beyond what we should.
  • Trust in AI as a technology. Trust underpins everything about real-world value of AI. We discussed trustworthiness across 8 dimensions and trust in AI across populations and perspectives.
  • Trust in AI companies. Each major AI company has different strategies, innovations, and weaknesses related to trust.
  • Trust in AI as a partner. Trust is multi-faceted from relying on someone or something to be capable, aligned, and predictable to trusting someone or something to be ethical, empathetic, and vulnerable.
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