The Social Brain

A research review of The Social Brain by Tracey Camilleri, Samantha Rockey & Robin Dunbar.

The Social Brain by Tracey Camilleri, Samantha Rockey & Robin Dunbar

You may be familiar with the Dunbar Number, a theoretical cognitive limit to the number of individuals with whom one can maintain stable social relationships, typically estimated around 150. The Social Brain is a comprehensive expansion of this idea.

What it’s about: A combo of the latest from evolutionary psychology and leadership to explain how to get the most our of groups.

Why it matters: Going deeper on the science of our social brains will give you new insights into the way groups work, especially different sized groups in different contexts.

Highlight: The Dunbar Graph: go beyond understanding of the Dunbar Number (150, the maximum number of relationships we can manage based on the size of our brains) to understand states of stability in different group sizes: 1.5 (intimates), 5 (close friends), 15 (best friends) up to 5000 (known faces).

Read it if: You want deep insight into how groups work.

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