Our Ideas

We are dedicated to unraveling the profound impact of AI on our society, communities, workplaces, and personal lives. To truly grasp this transformation, our approach is rooted in engaging with core concepts such as critical thinking, logical analysis, and the scrutiny of underlying assumptions, principles that are essential in the realm of philosophical inquiry.

Our Ideas
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An abstract image of transcendence

AI, Intimacy, and Transcendence

Context is everything—whom you're with, where you're going, and why. Machines currently lack the ability to understand this context, but generative AI, especially modern large language models, hold the promise of changing this limitation.

An abstract image of artifacts

AI and the Extended Mind

The future of the extended mind is not a fixed destination but an ongoing journey that requires our active participation and reflection as we redefine what it means to be human in an age of artificial intelligence.

An abstract image of swirls and lo

AI and Complex Change

Complex change recognizes that change is non-linear, emergent, and deeply interconnected with the system in which it occurs. This is even more important as we adapt to the complexity of generative AI.

An abstract image of a factory making decisions

AI and Decision Factories

AI's potential is vast but many applications remain incremental, simply grafting AI onto outdated frameworks. This is why we embrace complexity. We think about designing incentives, understanding self-organization and distributed control, and planning for emergence and adaptation.

An abstract, close-up image of a dog's nose


AI could help humans appreciate the diverse perceptual worlds of animals by simulating their senses and thought processes.

An abstract image of a courthouse

Trust vs. Anti-Trust

I agree with the government that antitrust is important. That said, I would hate to see data privacy and security diminished just as we are trying to take advantage of AI’s power to be a personalized digital partner.

An abstract image of sense making

Sensemaking & AI

Sensemaking is going to change. AI will allow us to find story-less, a-narrative yet meaningful correlations. Our minds will have to be open to a new kind of awe: that which a machine can make sense of that we cannot.

Abstract image of flow

Can AI help you expand your talents and find flow?

It appears that there is one effect many researchers are finding across multiple fields: generative AI has a significant impact on lower skilled and less experienced people. However, if we automate difficult tasks we cut ourselves off from the essential components for achieving mastery like flow.

An abstract image of amplification of waves

Collective Prosperity

Working with AI requires seeing beyond automation to amplification. If society chooses to complement strengths between humans and machines, more dynamic partnerships become possible.

An abstract image of a brain


Current AI resembles left-brained reasoning - optimized, logical but decontextualized. Humans play the right-brained role anchored in real world connections.

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