Our 22 Best Books of '22

Our favorite reads from 2022 about humans, machines, data, decisions, and problems.

A stack of books

Looking for books for yourself or to give as gifts?

Our year-end list of recommended books is always the most popular Artificiality of the year. This year, there’s 22 for '22.

But first! Our book! Give a better gift with Make Better Decisions. Through the end of this month the paperback of Make Better Decisions is 20% off and the eBook is 90% off on Amazon only.

Make Better Decisions is great for improving your mindset, up-skilling, preparing for a new role or job, switching careers, and tackling the hard parts of your job. Perhaps it’s the right book for the messy friend who needs to take a hint. Or the sister who needs a nudge to go after a promotion with her new skillset. Or the book-addict neighbor who can’t get enough nonfiction reads. Or the parent struggling to make critical decisions with parenting and life. We’re biased but we think it’s a great gift for all kinds of people!

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