Mind for our Minds

An introduction to our obsession: Mind for our Minds, our thesis for designing AI.

Mind for our Minds: Introduction

This episode is the first in our summer series based on our thesis for designing AI to be a Mind for our Minds. We recently presented this idea for the first time at our favorite event of the year hosted by The House of Beautiful Business. We are grateful for our long-term relationship with the House and its founders, Tim Leberecht and Till Grusche, and head of curation and community, Monika Jiang. The House puts on public and corporate events that are like none you’ve ever experienced. We encourage everyone to consider attending a public event and bringing the House to your organization.

We always meet fascinating people at the house—too many to mention in one podcast. During this episode we highlight Hannah Critchlow and her book Joined Up Thinking and Michael Bungay Stanier and his book How to Work with (Almost) Anyone. Check them both out: we are big fans.

Stay tuned over the summer as we will dig deeper into how to design AI to be a Mind for our Minds.

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Thanks to Jonathan Coulton for our music

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