How to Talk with Your Teens about AI

Today, we hosted a webinar on how to talk with your teens about AI.

How to Talk with Your Teens about AI

Key Points:

  1. Generative AI holds great promise with its ability to uniquely access and combine all of recorded digital human history, but it also fabricates information and cannot be fully relied upon for accuracy. Managing expectations is important.
  2. Bias is absorbed into AI from human data and is difficult to fully remove. Generative AI risks perpetuating stereotypes and inequalities if not addressed properly in system design and use.
  3. With the ability for generative AI to form an intimate understanding of human wants and needs, there are open questions around how this could be monetized in the future.
  4. For education, while fears initially focused heavily on increased cheating, rates have not gone up. Most students believe AI should only be used to generate ideas or edit small portions of work. Guidelines are needed on proper integration into academics to support, not hinder, learning.
  5. While risks exist in how generative AI could negatively impact society if misused, these systems also provide extraordinary new opportunities for creativity, combinatorial thinking, gaining new perspectives, and more. An open, ongoing dialogue is important for developing shared understanding.

Watch the video replay on YouTube!

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