Harpreet Sareen: Cyborg Botany

An interview with Harpreet Sareen about Cyborg Botany and the intersection of the digital and material worlds.

Harpreet Sareen: Cyborg Botany

We are deeply interested in the intersection of the digital and material worlds, both living and not living. Most of our interviews are focused on the intersection of humans and machines—how does the digital world affect humans and how do humans affect the digital world. This interview, however, is about the intersection of plants and machines.

Harpreet Sareen works at the intersection of digital and material, plant and machine, and art and science. His work challenges people to consider the life of plants, what we can learn from them, what we can see and what we can’t see. His art and science projects challenge us to wonder if we can actually believe what we’re seeing.

We moved to the Cascade Mountains to be able to spend more time in the wilderness. We likely spend quite a bit more time in nature than most people. Despite our strong connections to nature, Sarpreet’s work accomplishes his goal of encouraging us to reconsider this relationship, to consider what an increased symbiosis might be.

Harpreet Sareen is a designer, researcher and artist creating mediated digital interactions through the living world, with growable electronics, organic robots and bionic materials. His work has been shown in museums, featured in media in 30+ countries, published in academic conferences, viewed on social media 5M+ times and used by thousands of people around the world. He has also worked professionally in museums, corporates and international research centers in five countries. He is currently an Assistant Professor at Parsons School of Design in New York City and directs the Synthetic Ecosystems Lab that focuses on post-human and non-human design.

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