Frank Rose: Storytelling in a Data-Driven World

An interview with Frank Rose about his book Storytelling in a Data-Driven World

Frank Rose: Storytelling in a Data-Driven World

We all love stories—they are one of the most important ways that humans communicate. Stories create heroes to root for and villains to revile. Stories create realities and help us align our values and objectives with others. But how do stories change in a world that is awash with data and is overwhelmed by large tech companies that try to motivate—or manipulate–us with stories using data that we don’t see and can’t comprehend?

To help answer these questions, we talked with Frank Rose about his recent book The Sea We Swim In: How Stories Work in a Data-Driven World. Frank’s book is inspired by his Strategic Storytelling seminar at Columbia University and is a wonderful resource to help understand the power of narrative thinking.

In addition to being a senior fellow at Columbia University School of the Arts, Frank is the director of Columbia’s pioneering Digital Storytelling Lab and a frequent speaker on narrative thinking and on the power of immersive storytelling. Frank’s writing and journalism career started in the punk scene at CBGB for The Village Voice and continued as a contributing editor at Esquire and then Wired. He has written several books including West of Eden about the early days of Apple Computer and The Art of Immersion about how the digital generation changed storytelling.

We greatly enjoyed talking with Frank about one of our favorite subjects: telling stories in a data-driven world.

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