Exploring Complexity Ep. 0

An introduction to our new video series: Exploring Complexity

Episode 0: An Introduction to Exploring Complexity

Join us as we launch our new video series on complexity.

Exploring Compexity is where we explore the complexity of minds meeting machines by combining complexity science, artificial intelligence, and the human sciences.


Dave Edwards 0:07
Hi there. We're Helen and Dave. We're Co-founders, of Artificiality. And we're here to introduce you to a new series called Exploring Complexity, where we aim to explore the complexity of minds meeting machines, meaning humans getting together with AI. And how we do that is combining complexity science and artificial intelligence and the human sciences.

Helen Edwards 0:31
And our goal is what we want to take you through is a journey to a completely different mindset. And it's about what it takes to move into a world where you have a complexity mindset, with everything that you approach, you approach through this lens of a complexity mindset. We want to take you through all the reasons why that's such a good thing, all of the reasons why it's going to make your life better, because it takes away a lot of unnecessary anxiety about what you can and can't control gives you a great gift and to looking into systems in a different way. What it does is sensitize you to some different ways of thinking about the problems and opportunities in front of you, and allows you to apply a couple of different tools, that mean that you just learn differently. Your attention is taken to different things, things give you certain things have more meaning than others, you learn differently, it's a totally different way of seeing the world as very practical, and very useful.

Dave Edwards 1:29
If we're successful, this will be helpful to you not just in terms of how you adapt to AI, but how you adapt to and think about participating in all kinds of complex systems. This work that we're presenting is based on years of experience, working with complexity, and helping people understand complexity and how to use it in problem solving and tackling new opportunities through workshops that we provide within Ford to various corporations. So thank you for joining us. We're excited. Please join us and send us your feedback. We'd love to hear it thanks a lot.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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