Existential Risk of AI

A conversation about the risk that AI might end humanity.

Existential risk of AI

ChatGPT, Dall-e, Midjourney, Bard, and Bing are here. Many others are coming. At every dinner conversation, classroom lesson, and business meeting people are talking about AI. There are some big questions that now everyone is seeking answers for, not just the philosophers, ethicists, researchers, and venture folks. It’s noisy, complicated, technical and often agenda-driven.

In this episode, we tackle the question of existential risk. Will AI kill us all?

We start by talking about why this question is important at all. And why we are finally tackling it ourselves (since we’ve largely avoided it for quite some time). We talk about the scenarios that people are worried about and the three premises that underly this risk:

  • We will build an intelligence that will outsmart us
  • We will not be able to control it
  • It will do things we don’t want it to

Join us as we talk about the risk that AI might end humanity.

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