How Generative AI Reshapes the World of Work

This 10-part series explores how Generative AI is transforming the future of work, from automation and augmentation to impacts on productivity, skills, emerging talents, and established leaders.

An abstract image of an office

In today's rapidly evolving digital age, we are entering a new era – the Generative AI era. But what does this mean for the future of jobs and the workforce? Welcome to Decoding the Future, a ten-part series that delves into the profound impact of Generative AI on employment across industries, professions, and skill levels.

From the early days of manual labor to the Information Age, the way we work has continually been in flux. Now, Generative AI promises (or threatens) yet another shift. Instead of merely processing data or automating routine tasks, these AI systems generate new content, suggest novel ideas, and even engage in creative processes. They aren't just tools; they are collaborators.

In this series, we'll explore pressing questions, challenge popular myths and hype, and shed light on the nuances. How will Generative AI enhance human capabilities? How can we use first principles thinking to forecast which professions stand to gain, and which face obsolescence? How do we prepare for a world where machines don't just do as they're told, but contribute ideas and strategies of their own?

Moreover, as AI's capabilities grow, so does its potential to influence decision-making processes, strategic planning, and even areas we've historically deemed strictly human. Think art, literature, and even emotional understanding. As this technology becomes deeply interwoven into our professional lives, understanding its implications is not just beneficial—it's essential. 

In this series, we'll journey through the transformative landscape of Generative AI and its profound effects on our working world. We dive deep into the details of automation, augmentation, jobs, tasks, skills, productivity, expertise, obsolescence, and why work matters. 

We frame the big questions so that you can be smarter about this new breed of AI:

  • How will Generative AI impact productivity?
  • What does Generative AI do to skills? 
  • Does Generative AI support emerging talents or enhance already established leaders?
  • Why does skill complementarity mean and why does it matter?
  • What should we think about AI benchmarks based on human intelligence?

Join us as we frame the key issues and ideas for the future of work.

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