How to Use Generative AI, Part 3: Explore

Explore all digitized human knowledge by exploring with generative AI. Part 3 in our How to Use Generative AI series.

How to Use Generative AI, Part 3: Explore
How to Use Generative AI, Part 3: Explore by Accessing All Digitized Human Knowledge

Generative AI and large language models (LLMs) have revolutionized the way we access and interact with information. These technologies have unlocked the doors to the entirety of human knowledge that is digitized, making information that was once siloed or limited to specific groups now widely accessible.

Generative AI acts as a comprehensive guide, synthesizing insights across a vast array of data, fields, and cultures. It has the unique capability to analyze and connect dots between disparate pieces of information, offering a deeper level of research and discovery. For instance, you can explore different ways to analyze markets then use the LLM to help you compare alternative approaches. ChatGPT has read a lot of marketing plans!

AI systems are unparalleled in their ability to illuminate unseen connections, revealing rare, hidden, or tangential knowledge that might otherwise remain undiscovered. This feature is invaluable in creating unique value or uncover novel insights. For instance, a scientist can search for so-called "sleeping beauties"—under-appreciated discoveries—or other off-piste ideas.

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