Rob May & Brandguard AI

How to keep your generative AI content on brand: an interview with Rob May of Brandguard.

An image from an interview with Rob May, CEO of Brandguard AI

Our first video interview from Artificiality!

We’re launching a new format for Artificiality: video interviews with AI entrepreneurs and innovators. Why video? Because we hope to give you a personal introduction to the people behind the technology and we hope they will share demos so that you can actually see what they are creating.

Our first interview is with Nova Founder & CEO Rob May about the company's new product Brandguard. Learn about how Nova & Brandguard can monitor & validate brand assets—keeping your generative AI content on-brand. Hear Rob's views on generative AI, his customer's views on AI, and interesting AI startups in his investment portfolio (read about Rob’s investing in his Substack).

We first met Rob several years ago when we were building Intelligentsia and he was building Talla. We had a great time reconnecting and hearing how Rob’s fourth (fourth!) startup is going. We are big fans of the Brandguard promise and have already talked about it with our clients.

The Brandguard story is important not just because of the product itself. It’s an important story because a) it showcases how generative AI is not a single tool (aka ChatGPT), b) it shows what can be accomplished by building on top of foundation models, and c) it shows that there will be an ecosystem of new processes and tools that will be guild around content generated by AI.

Thanks to Rob for joining us!

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