No-duhs and some surprises

A discussion about the latest MIT Sloan/BCG report on AI.

No-duhs and some surprises

The latest Big Ideas report from MIT Sloan and BCG makes for an interesting read but contains flaws, obvious conclusions, and raises more questions than it answers.

We discuss this report and make some suggestions about how to think about AI based on the survey’s conclusions:

  • trust matters (no-duh). The data suggests if people trust AI they will use it twice as much.
  • ability to override the AI matters (no-duh). The data suggests if people can override the AI they will use it twice as much.
  • people describe an AI as a co-worker but the majority of people don’t even know they are using it. Huh?

Another surprise is that people like AI that means they don’t have to talk to their boss. Who would have anticipated that?

Nudges of the week

Helen: Synthesize Later. Integrate argument and counter-argument into a decision. Good decisions involve reconciling subjective judgments and resolving clashing causal forces. The best way to do this is to be deliberate and conscious of the need to synthesize. Schedule a meeting titled “synthesis” and set expectations that now is the moment to step slowly through each point of view, iterate, and nudge each side. Have each side make a list of the things that would bring them toward each other. Failing to do this contributes to a sense that the decision is stuck.

Dave: Be Less Wrong. Let go of perfectionism and feel the relief of knowing that by striving to be less wrong, you’ll probably end up being more right.

What We’re Learning

Helen: The Neuroscience of You by Chantel Prat. Delivers on the promise of showing you how your brain is different. Really fun and engaging book to read and do all the tests.

Dave: Learning from Helen! He’s been reading the first draft of our next book Solve Better Problems: How to Solve Complex Problems in the Digital Age. Complexity really is a different animal and it’s mind opening to understand why.

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