Lukas Egger: Generative AI, a View from SAP

An interview with Lucas Egger about generative AI from his point of view at SAP

Lukas Egger: Generative AI, a view from SAP

The world has been upended by the introduction of generative AI. We think this could be the largest advance in technology—ever. All of our clients are trying to figure out what to do, how to de-risk the introduction of these technologies, and how to design new, innovative solutions.

To get a perspective on these changes created by AI, we talked with Lukas Egger who leads the Innovation Office & Strategic Projects team at SAP Signavio, where he focuses on de-risking new product ideas and establishing best-in-class product discovery practices. With a successful track record in team building and managing challenging projects, Lukas has expertise in data-driven technology, cloud-native development, and has created and implemented new product discovery methodologies. Excelling at bridging the gap between technical and business teams, he has worked in AI, operations, and product management in fast-growth environments. Lukas has movie credits for his work in Computer Graphics research, published a book on philosophy, and is passionate about the intersection of technology and people, regularly speaking on how to improve organizations.

We love Lukas’ concept that we are in the peacock phase of generative AI when everyone is trying to show off their colorful feathers—and not yet showing off new value creation. We enjoyed talking with Lukas about his views on the realities of today and his forecasts and speculations on the future.

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