It's Time for ChatGPT to Grow Up

ChatGPT is about to celebrate its first birthday. It’s time for it to graduate from an experiment into a true product.

Baby in a business suit

Yet again, ChatGPT provided a surprise this week. This one, however, was unwelcome. Widely proclaimed as the next big thing in generative AI, ChatGPT proved its unpredictability by turning off some of its newest features without warning or explanation. 

This week, we were relying on the new vision and data features for a workshop on how to make better decisions using generative AI. Oops. Those new features had disappeared. Users might think that paying for ChatGPT Pro would provide some consistency and reliability. But, buyer beware, with ChatGPT, you never know what you’re going to get. And, on this day, some of the most recent and most interesting features were inexplicably turned off.

OpenAI released ChatGPT as an ‘experiment’ and continues to release new features as betas. Legally, that likely helps it get around the fact that the product is unpredictable. But how long will customers put up with this unpredictability? How can OpenAI’s tools become essential digital partners if users can’t count on the tool to be available? When will ChatGPT become a real product?

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