aiOS—Foundation Models

aiOS: Foundation Models, aka why GPT really matters.

aiOS: Foundation Models

Wondering how you can best use generative AI in your business? ChatGPT is getting all the buzz because it's exciting. But the real reason we think GPT (and the other generative AI models) matter is because they are what's called Foundation Models. 

You can think of them as the new aiOS that developers can access through APIs, using these powerful models in their own applications. This changes everything about AI and provides unprecedented power to countless applications.

Get in touch if you'd like to learn more about our research on foundation models, AI, and all things collective intelligence. 

O‍rginially published under our predecessor brand, Sonder Studio.

Header slide: aiOS—Foundation Models. Aka, why GPT really matters
Slide: Everything about AI is changing
Slide: What are foundation models?
Slide: Foundation models are all about generative AI today
Slide: Foundation models centralize the "best" AI
Slide: Which means a new competitive landscape is emerging for the aiOS
Slide: Foundation models will get better, fast
Slide: Foundation models are learning more than we expected
Slide: Becoming human-level in some areas
Slide: Potential use cases using foundation models
Slide: Risks
Slide: Same old bias risk
Slide: But a new risk: hallucination
Slide: The race is on
Slide: What you should do: strategic changes
Slide: What you should do: data priorities
Slide: What we're doing
Slide: Glossary

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